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Humphree interceptor trim systems

The Humphree interceptor system is the modern high performance replacement for any other trim system. It provides features no other system can match in terms of ACTIVE stabilisation, performance and reliability over time. Designed and  manufactured for 24/7 operation, it is a safe choice for any application, whether it’s a leisure boat, high speed ferry or naval patrol vessel.

The efficient way to trim and stabilise your boat and are made of composite materials for optimum performance, corrosion resistance and light weight. The Humphree interceptors have superior ability to add lift force to greatly reduce resistance in the water, add speed, improve acceleration and visibility at the helm. Humphree’s interceptors are available in many shapes and sizes. From the standardised X-Series to the heavy duty HLS-Series. Most of the interceptor models can be custom shaped to fit exactly to the hull.

Humphree fins are optimised for low water resistance, high efficiency and manufactured in advanced materials with unique characteristics. Humphree stabilising fins brings state of the art technology with fast acting brushless electric servo units. Powered by 24 V DC it gives you possibility to have full comfort without the need of genset running. The new Humphree fin design has its upper edge made solid, another unique Humphree innovation.

Combining the Humphree fin system with our interceptors and you have a full stabilisation system for roll, pitch and yaw motions. For best control and lowest fuel burn.

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