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Safe at Sea light weight Search and Rescue equipment

Safe at Sea manufactures and sells the most efficient light weight Search and Rescue equipment in the world. The flagship is the GuardRunner. The GuardRunner is a development of the RescueRunner concept for CSAR and Law enformcement. The GuardRunner goes where other boats can’t go to bring people out of the water with ease. The GuardRunner is available with a foam filled hull and is certified unsinkable and has additional possibilities for storage compartments.

• Deploy, recover or rescue personnel
• Doing the job in white and brown water zones, in shallow areas, among rocks, reefs and cliffs
• Boarding small and large boats for assistance or transfer of personnel in all conditions.
• Launching from shore, larger vessels or helicopters.
• Beaching for quick deployment, recovery or rescue of equipment
• Reaching distressed vessels or personnel quickly in wake sensitive or congested areas.

• The GuardRunner design makes it almost unsinkable, with a hull that has four different water tight compartments and a GRP cartridge which also forms a water tight compartment.
• The water jet gives great thrust and the centrally placed towing eye makes the GuardRunner capable of towing heavy objects with unlimited maneuverability.
• A large integrated deck in the aft close to the water surface gives the capability to  Transport up to 400 kilos (personnel and /or

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