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Whisper Power low emission hybrid power systems

In just a short period of time WhisperPower has made a name for itself as the most innovative company in the field of smart energy systems for yachts and commercial vessels. We fully understood that things had to and could be done differently to guarantee an enjoyable stay on board. In fulfilling this goal we have not hung on to traditional technologies, often with oldfashioned diesel engines, but instead have embraced and delivered new technology that makes our systems quieter, cleaner and smarter. Without compromising on quality and reliability

Whisper Power offer the unique ability to be able to integrate a compact and lightweight variable speed generator, the Genverter©, OR a classic 1500/1800 drive generator. For larger yachts they generally advise a combination be made up of a hybrid generator with (lithium) batteries for the energy storage, a high power DC-AC inverter (7/14 kVA) and a Genverter© diesel generator as a “Super” charger for the battery bank. It is this system that supplies silent power (Zero Emission) during Generator “off” periods.

Whisper Powers increasingly popular electric propulsion systems are being installed to support or replace combustion engines in yachts and ships. Collaboration with reputable companies in the field of electric sailing and hybrid propulsion ensures that their products can be easily applied to such systems.

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