Month: Oct 2021

How are you cooling your marine engine as the summer heat builds?

Some boat owners think that it is sufficient to use automotive antifreeze in their marine engines – but there are two reasons to think again. Quality marine coolants are comprehensively designed to protect engines from the particular hazards of the marine environment; automotive antifreeze is not. Secondly, marine coolants are much less harmful to the environment than auto antifreeze as they use  propylene glycol and not ethylene glycol, which is extremely toxic to the environment.

Southern Power’s Commitment To Creating A More Sustainable Future

Leading the way in the design and production of environmentally conscious marine vessels is Xtreme Ocean, who recently debuted their inaugural model, the X068. This semi-custom 68ft aluminium explorer sailing catamaran is specifically designed to be recycled at the end of its life. This tough cruising catamaran provides greener solutions to various areas that are considered environmental issues, reducing the environmental impact of the yacht through its lifecycle.