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Be Ready for Summer, Get Your Volvo Penta Service Kits Today!

There is a lot to take care of before you hit the water, and you don’t want to waste precious boating time making preparations when you could be getting ahead of the game right now. With genuine Volvo Penta parts, engine quality is assured throughout its lifetime. The wide range of genuine Volvo Penta parts also help the manufacturer and end-users to customize the installation. Advanced logistics systems ensure the supply of spare parts within 48 hours!

Promotion also available from our Volvo Penta Service Dealers - Have our experts do the service and get a two year warranty on your parts subject to Volvo Penta’s standard terms and conditions.

326 Medium

Volvo Penta service kits for diesel engine

Contains the oil filter and fuel filter, as well as the impeller and all necessary gaskets.

114 Medium (2)

Volvo Penta Drive Maintenance Kits

maintenance work on their drive system. Each kit contains zinc anodes, drive gaiters and all parts required for an annual drive service.

Note! Oil is not included in these kits, and they contain zinc anodes only, not magnesium anodes.

Volvo Penta Service & Support

Genuine Spare Parts

When new engines and transmissions are under development, the parts are fully tested to ensure flawless performance. Using genuine Volvo Penta Parts ensures the best running conditions for your engine.

Available at more than 5,000 dealers in some 130 countries around the world, Volvo Penta Parts are easy to obtain. The most common accessories are available from your dealer. Otherwise, we are able to deliver anywhere in Europe within 24 hours and, over a slightly longer period, in the rest of the world.

If in doubt about the prices of Volvo Penta products or equipment, please contact us.

Item numbers related to the most common maintenance operations, depending on the model of the engine, can be downloaded. To ensure you get the correct publication, keep the serial number of your engine on hand.

We Have Service Dealers across Southern Africa

Southern Power has appointed service dealers across South Africa and Namibia for its Volvo Penta business. Our dealers have well-trained technicians, carry service spares, and are regularly updated on new product developments, perform warranty and campaign work on our behalf in conjunction with our OEM principles benchmarks. Quarterly and annual performance audits are carried out to ensure all service partners maintain the high service standards as required by us and our OEM principles and as such have become very much an extension of the Southern Power family. Their dedication to our collective customers and brands represented are the defining difference.

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Volvo Penta spare parts exchange program

Volvo Penta has a wide range of exchange units.The use of refurbished components increases the hours of operation of the engine and transmission: the overhauled components are in fact complete and ready for installation, thereby eliminating the need for time-intensive repairs.

In the Volvo Penta Exchange System, each new unit is in either new or as-new condition. We can therefore offer the same guarantees on reconditioned Volvo Penta components as on completely new original spares.


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