With South Africa currently weathering one of the hottest summers on record, Southern Power is busy distributing unique mobile cooling solutions for vehicles of all kinds, to help you stay cool on the move and during stopovers. The team takes pride in bringing South Africans innovative systems and solutions, from our global OEM Partners, that go far beyond the standard air conditioning units of everyday passenger vehicles. 

Beat the heat – in any kind of vehicle

For South Africans taking to the road in recreational vehicles (RVs) like motorhomes or caravans, standard air-conditioning is simply not adequate for traveling comfort. 

For this reason, Southern Power distributes OEM Partner Webasto’s BlueCool Drive 40 air-conditioning system, which can seamlessly integrate into the cooling circuit of your RV’s existing air-conditioning system, comfortably expanding its capacity with a cooling power of    4 kW. The system is fully compatible with any RV chassis equipped with its own air conditioning system – and don’t worry about the extra weight; the unit weighs in at less than 7 kgs. Find out more about the Webasto BlueCool Drive 40 here.

For owners of trucks and fleet managers, Southern Power distributes Webasto air conditioning solutions suitable for a range of applications. Options include lightweight rooftop, front- and rear-mounted air conditioning units. Several of these units are ideal for nationwide transport companies, like the rear-mounted Fresco 3 000, which charges the vehicle’s cold accumulators during transit, then circulates a cool interior temperature whenever the vehicle is parked, providing the resting driver with a comfortable, dehumidified climate. See some of Webasto’s truck cooling solutions here

Drivers of special vehicles (SVs) out in the field need to be alert and at operational readiness at all times, to respond to fire or medical emergencies. This requires cool heads under pressure. With years of experience in this sector, Webasto manufactures rooftop and integrated air conditioning systems for ambulances, patrol cars, fire engines and other rapid response vehicles. Team personnel can set the cab temperature precisely to their needs, no matter how high external temperatures get. These units can also be fit to minibusses, via which many South Africans travel. See Webasto’s integrated air conditioning solutions ranging from 4.0 up to 11.9 kW, for different sizes of special vehicles.

Webasto also specialises in cooling and ventilation systems for different types of construction and agricultural vehicles. The engine-off technology Webasto incorporates into its air-conditioners prevents unnecessary engine idling, which results in fuel savings in hard-working vehicles that consistently put out high emissions of CO2. Webasto’s optimized HVAC units are compact and designed for underseat, rooftop or in-roof integration, ensuring operators comfort in the hottest of environments. See detailed product overviews for construction and agricultural vehicles here.

Southern Power prioritises the distribution of systems and solutions that not only ensure the comfort of South Africans on the move, but also impact the environment as little as possible. This makes Webasto an ideal OEM to partner with, in distributing cooling/heating as well as electrical vehicle (EV) solutions for South African vehicles. Read about Southern Power’s sustainability commitments and  Webasto’s sustainability commitments.

Explore, move and work in comfort. For all your vehicle cooling solutions, South-Africa-wide, contact the Southern Power team here