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Humphree products makes the difference – the difference between enjoyment and seasickness, the difference between low and high fuel consumption, the difference between excellent visibility or bad visibility. Humphree equipment is designed and manufactured to deliver world-class quality and reliability. Customer support and spare parts are available wherever and whenever needed.



Humphree All Speed Fin Stabilizers brings game changing stabilization at anchor and during cruising.

The system is fully electric with a minimum energy consumption. No need for a running genset. Humphree Fin Stabilizers are optimised for low water resistance, high efficiency and manufactured in advanced materials with unique characteristics. With the ability to rotate 360° at anchor – anchor walking is no longer a problem. The unique innovative custom-ready fin design will perfectly fit most hulls.

Combining the Humphree fin system with our interceptors you have a full stabilisation system for roll, pitch and yaw motions for the best control and lowest fuel burn.


  • Custom-ready design
  • 24V DC
  • 360° rotation
  • Flange mount
  • All Speed Stabilization
  • Integrated Interceptors for total motion control
  • Compact size & low weight


Many waterjet boats experience course-keeping problems. This is due to the missing underwater lateral area that helps the vessel to keep its course. An added lateral area is most efficient when it is installed in the aft of the hull. Having a wing profile fin exerts a corrective force on yaw with minimum resistance. Humphree has developed a series of fixed fins that can be bolted to the hull. The bolts have been tested and seen to break off and keep the hull intact to limit the damage to the boat when it is involved in a collision or is grounded.


  • Sub-cavitating stabilising fins (below 40 knots)
  • Several sizes are available, HFF400 and HFF650
  • Base-ventilated stabilising fins (above 40 knots) HFF500
  • Several sizes available, HVFF300 and HVFF500



25% More efficient than traditional trim tabs

The Humphree fixed fins are 25% more efficient than traditional boat trim tabs.

When spending precious time at sea Humphree believes that you want an enjoyable experience. Humphree systems provide unmatched onboard comfort for the world of leisure yachting. The company provides features that no other system can match. This is in terms of ACTIVE stabilisation, performance and reliability over time. This system lowers roll and slamming by more than 50%.

Humphree interceptors are the difference between the enjoyment of a sea voyage and seasickness, low and high fuel consumption and bad and excellent visibility at the helm.

X Series4

X-Series for 25-60 feet boats

The X-Series is available in five standard sizes. Intended mainly for boats of between 25 and 60 feet, this series delivers the same reliability and superior performance that all larger Humphree interceptors do. The X-Series features the same control system, ultra-fast servo actuators and control panel. To achieve superior control of dynamic hull motions, all units have an interceptor blade with a powerful 50mm (2”) stroke. The X300 and X450 are also excellent choices for high-performance RIBs.

H Series


H-Series boasts a customisable interceptor and is available from between 350 and 1500 mm in width. No matter how the hull of your boat has been designed there is always a solution to be implemented so that Humphree interceptors can fit the hull. They can also fit under your water jet – a perfect fit at the shine or it can follow the radius of the propeller tunnels.

Ha Series


This interceptor line with an asymmetric placed servo unit can be used when it needs to fit under a water jet or if the preferred area of the transom is limited or  when the inner structure of the transom does not allow for a centre placed servo. The HA-interceptor can be custom shaped for a perfect fit and comes in sizes 500 – 1 100 mm.

He Series


The HE-Series Humphree interceptors are designed for heavy-duty use. With their powerful 75 mm stroke length they will add 50% more lift force than the standard 50 mm interceptors. The HE-interceptor comes in 750 – 1 500mm and can be custom shaped for a perfect fit.

Hls Series


The HL-Series is designed and built for large and heavy planing vessels. With a mechanical high-performing structure the HLS-interceptors blade has a powerful 110 mm stroke length. The HLS interceptor is available from 800mm to 1 500 mm widths.

Hsc 5

The HCS-5 system

The HCS-5 combines exceptional mechanical quality with electronic control including motion sensors and world-class brushless servo motors to provide instant and exact response to the hull dynamics. Adding the fine-tuned boat control options automatic trim, automatic list, coordinated turn or active ride control will result in optimal comfort and performance regardless of if the captain is a seasoned expert or a less-experienced operator. All the units are connected with watertight cables and the servo motors are protected inside the hull. HCS-5 can easily be upgraded with more functions, Humphree interceptors and fins.



The HCU500-series control units consist of advanced sensors, calculating algorithms and works on 11 – 32 VDC. The control unit handles the system functions, controls the servo motors and powers the system. In a network with electrical fins, these are separately powered by 24VDC electricity.

Hcu500 E1625560364844


CP502 is Humphree’s new and advanced control panel, very easy to use and has a large colour display. This display is sunlight readable and therefore is also suitable for outdoor installation, such as on the flybridge. The control panel can change between day and night mode as well as user-selectable colour themes. CP502 is NMEA2000 certified which makes multiple installations easier. For service and support the control panel has an integrated Wi-Fi access point that enables remote access via your Internet-connected device such as a mobile phone or computer.


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