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As pioneers in the field of water-based electromobility, Torqeedo has set many standards since its founding, reinforcing the competitive edge their motors over all other solutions available on the market. Superior technology and revolutionary benefits are what they set out to achieve. And every product – such as electric boat motors and electric outboard motors – that Torqeedo brings to market meets both these criteria. All their drive systems operate at record overall efficiency levels, which is the most important measure of electric propulsion. This is because it determines potential boat power and range for a limited battery supply. Torqeedo offers outboards and inboards, electric motors and hybrid drive systems ranging from 0 5 to 100 kW on motor level (up to 200 kW on system level).


The technology for electric mobility on the water is here. Torqeedo focuses on the segments in which emission-free and hybrid drives are competitive today while at the same time building on their institutional knowledge to develop the products which will power our climate-friendly future.


The desire to safeguard nature for future generations is the same all over the world. The interest in environmentally friendly solutions is also just as high. Torqeedo offers such solutions for water-based propulsion systems, combined with advice, delivery and service in over 50 countries on 5 continents.


Torqeedo focuses on optimising propulsive power. Their use of the latest technologies means Torqeedo has the highest overall efficiency on the market. That is, every Torqeedo drive converts its available battery power to propulsive power better than any other electric outboard motors. This is very important for electric drives as it means more power and range from limited battery capacity.



New Ultralight 603


New Cruise 2


Deep Blue Inboard 50 and 100i


New 48 -5000 battery



Electric drives for sailors

Torqeedo offers electric drives for sailboats from dinghies to yachts up to 120 feet. The company offers electric outboard boat motors which are compact and powerful, light and space-saving pod drives. Torqeedo offers one of the most powerful electric saildrives on the market as well as the world’s first fully integrated hybrid propulsion and energy management system from industrial production.


Electric drives for motorboats

Enjoy a clean and quiet life on the water as outboards from our travel and cruise series offer up to 20 horsepower of lightweight and emission-free fun. Need more power? Deep Blue – the first industrially produced, high-performance electric drive system for motorboats – is available as outboard and inboard systems up to 100 kW.

Customary simple integration with the kayak’s steering unit
New mount with tilt and park mechanism
Newly developed pylon with height-adjustable shaft and cutting-edge Torqeedo motor technology
Optimized propeller design for greater speed

Electric motors for kayaks

The ideal kayak fishing boat motor is quiet, lightweight, efficient and durable. Your Ultralight will take you to remote fishing grounds and allow easy, hands-free manoeuvring. On touring kayaks and canoes, the Ultralight serves as a compact range extender for extended tours and expeditions.

Ultralight Outboard Motors

The name says it all – the lightest Torqeedo electric outboard motor weighs only 8.8 kg (incl. battery) and transports anglers to the right spot for a big catch.

It’s quick and easy to mount on fishing kayaks so you can focus on the fishing.

The Ultralight comes with lots of power, up to 100 km range, and a new innovative mount that’s easier to fix in place, operate and transport. Tailored mounting options ensure compatibility with many popular kayak brands, e.g. Hobie, Grabner, Prijon and Rotomod.


Reliability, efficiency and safety are critical when choosing propulsion for a commercial vessel. Low and predictable fuel and maintenance costs are also crucial. Torqeedo offers fully integrated, standards-compliant, high-tech drive systems at a competitive total cost of ownership.


There is a strong upsurge in electric or hybrid drive systems for ferries and water taxis. The typical advantages of electric drives play a major role in this area.

  • Lower fuel costs – electricity costs are much lower and more stable than petrol or diesel.
  • Increased uptime – a vastly reduced maintenance schedule means more time on the water and more money in your pocket.
  • Zero local emissions – a diesel-powered ferry emits air pollution roughly equivalent to that produced by 40 diesel buses.
Life- work- & coach boats

Torqeedo provided the integrated propulsion system for the world’s first electric-powered freefall lifeboat, which is being built by the Dutch builder Verhoef.

Marinas, ports and harbours around the world are looking for ways to lower operating expenses and their carbon footprint. The brand-new ZenPro 580 – a 5.8-metre workboat that is purpose-built for electric propulsion – is making it easy.

To protect the local groundwater, the Kaspar Weiss gravel quarry equipped their workboat with the zero-emission Deep Blue system.

Rental Torq
Rental- excursion- & autonomous boats

The Rand Picnic Boat with Cruise 10, a popular rental boat for use in urban waters around the world, proved its credentials as an enjoyable, easy-to-drive platform for spending time with family and friends on the water.

A fleet of 15 Deep Blue-powered passenger excursion boats are used for sightseeing tours of the River Safari jungle habitat at Vinpearl Land, Nam Hoi.

An unmanned Google boat is mapping shorelines to raise awareness of the impacts of sea level rise.

Electric drive systems make sense for commercial operators

Combustion engines cost money every time you use them. An outboard motor of between 70 and 90 HP typically uses between 10 and 40 litres of fuel per hour above 6 knots.

In contrast, one Deep Blue high-voltage battery charge saves up to 95% of the costs. If you spend more than 100 days a year on the water it may well make sense to switch to a clean, electric drive system. Contact us to discuss what you need.


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