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Webasto is a global innovative systems partner to almost all automotive manufacturers. It is the world market leader in air-conditioning and heating for commercial and leisure vehicles and vessels. Each vehicle and application is different. Webasto develops and produces roof and convertible roof systems, heating and cooling systems as well as charging solutions and battery systems for electromobility. Whatever you need, Webasto has the right solution which is flexible and modular.


The 21° feeling is not actually a temperature.

We know that all people tend to prefer temperatures ranging from 20° to 23°. That’s why we see 21° as more of a symbol. A symbol for a perfect state of being. A symbol of constant physical well-being.

Webasto parking heaters provide for a perfect 21° feeling in your vehicle.


Outside, the summer sun beats down on your car, which is delightfully cool on the inside. A pleasant climate is a major advantage for drivers and passengers to enjoy a relaxed ride. And for transported goods it’s actually essential. Which air-conditioning system is right for which need? Webasto knows that, and always has just the right solution.


Green and clean is the future. Webasto is committed to working with their automotive partners to help them achieve their environmental goals first. Webasto has developed a modular, scalable battery system perfect for a wide variety of applications. Our high-quality, high-performance and high-safety battery products enable a secure and long-term investment in a green mobility.


Technological innovation requires committed and competent ‘doers’ who are enthusiastic about the automotive world. And what they promise to more than a million drivers, is what Webasto guarantees their employees as well:

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Customizable and ready to be installed

Webasto offers a wide range of cooling, heating and roof solutions, such as the Webasto sunroof or marine diesel heaters. Webasto will provide you with the solution you need whether you are looking for a standard size with easy installation or a more customisable platform for your individual needs.


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Marine engineering services

Webasto’s customisable platforms in various sizes, curvatures, designs and weight classes give shipyards and naval architects many options to choose from.


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Easy access to drinks and food

Enjoying fresh food even on the high seas is indispensable for the health and well-being of the crew. Discover Webasto’s comfort solutions for your boat.


Electrified by Webasto

Green and clean is the future – even on the sea or lake. Discover our battery solutions for the marine business and start off into a sustainable future. With Webasto you can set sail straight away.

Marine heating

The weather at sea changes more quickly than just about anywhere else. Discover the beauty of winter at sea by extending your boating season with a Webasto diesel heater on board. Along with specific marine installation kits, the company delivers innovative high-quality air and water heaters that contribute to increased comfort on board. These two technologies provide economical, powerful and reliable solutions to our customers.

Marine diesel heaters have a longstanding tradition at Webasto. For more than 80 years the company has been at the cutting edge when it comes to developing fuel-operated heating technology. Leading manufacturers and boat builders rely on the advanced design and technology of the Webasto heaters.

Marine cooling

Boats are your and our passion. On the open sea the sun heats up your boat quickly. Enjoy the sun outside and keep cool below deck whenever you want a refreshment.  Our large product portfolio of self-contained, air-conditioning systems (up to large chiller systems) leave nothing to be desired. With our wide power range Webasto provides cooling capacities from 5 000 BTU/h up to 1 500 000 BTU/h. It is up to you to decide which technology is best suited for your boat or yacht.

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Self-contained air-conditioning units

Self-contained cooling units are the best solution for boats with up to three cabins. Every cabin is equipped with one unit according to the cabin’s cooling/heating demand.

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Chiller air-conditioning units

For larger boats with several cabins a central chilled water system is often the best choice. It consists of a chiller A/C unit which is typically installed in the engine room and individual air handlers for each cabin.

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Integrated Solutions

Two temperature preferences and have one reliable system. Webasto offers the Blue Comfort system for total independence from environmental conditions. It consists of a water heating system and air conditioner integrated into a single system.

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Air Handlers

One or more air handler(s) in each cabin are fitted to generate the required individual cooling capacities in each room.

Marine roof solutions

Light and air are essential components for a pleasant stay on board. Webasto offers high-quality roof systems to provide passengers with the best possible comfort on board. The company matches the competence and knowledge acquired over 50 years of automotive experience with the latest marine requirements so that they can provide customers and OEMs with top-quality solutions for their boat or yacht.



Flexible Air Heaters

Air heaters work engine-independently and heat up the driver’s cabin and cargo compartment without running the engine. The compact design allows for a flexible and easy installation.

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As the world market leader, Webasto develops and produces two kinds of heating systems:

  • Air and water based systems for a wide range of uses and heating capacities.

Both systems provide an efficient working environment even at extreme outdoor temperatures, while helping to reduce engine-idling times.


Webasto offers a range of air conditioning solutions based on a number of different technologies. Special systems charge the cold accumulators while the vehicle is moving. These cold temperatures are emitted when the vehicle is parked. Compressor systems are very efficient and provide a comfortable, dehumidified climate.

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Parking cooler for retrofitting

The Cool Top RTE 16 ensures pleasant temperatures and humidity levels in in truck cabins. The compressor-driven rooftop air conditioning system reduces engine-idling times and therefore saves fuel.

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Air conditioner for retrofitting

Webasto rooftop air conditioning solutions fulfil all common quality requirements of vehicle makers and comply with the latest EU directives.

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Modular Battery Solutions

Webasto offers you everything you need for the electrification of trucks: battery, thermal management, and an expert at your side. The dimensions of the battery are a perfect fit for your ladder frame chassis.

The batteries can simply be installed in an existing truck instead of the fuel tanks. Thanks to our modular system, you can choose the number of battery packs (400/800 V voltage level). Webasto’s Vehicle Interface Box makes integration into the vehicle straightforward and uncomplicated.

Set off into a green future now – with Webasto at your side.


Optimal working climate in special vehicles


Individual air conditioners for all demands. To ensure the operational readiness of, for example medical or fire-fighting crews even in extreme hot outdoor temperatures, Webasto provides rooftop and integrated air conditioning systems for ambulances, patrol cars, fire engines, and much more. With many years of air conditioning expertise in the vehicle sector, Webasto also develops individual air conditioning solutions for special vehicles. The driver can set the cab temperature precisely to his needs.


Webasto diesel heaters provide efficient working conditions even at extreme outdoor temperatures to ensure the operational readiness of the crew. As a leader on the global market, Webasto develops and produces two kinds of parking heater: air- and water-based systems for a wide range of functionalities and heating capacities. Both systems provide an efficient working environment – even at extreme outdoor temperatures – and optimum inside temperatures. They help to reduce engine idling times.

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Construction Vehicle heating, cooling & electrification

Webasto is a specialist in heating, cooling, light and ventilation for construction and agricultural equipment. They ensure that heat and cold don’t impact your plans. Their innovative glass solutions combine comfort and efficiency. Webasto’s engine-off technology for parking heaters and air-conditioners prevents unnecessary engine idling, which results in enormous savings in fuel.

Cities are constantly changing to meet the latest standards. This necessitates construction sites, which are an almost daily part of urban life. Off-highway vehicles – such as excavators – are indispensable for completely rebuilding work as quickly as possible.

These vehicles transport heavy loads every day and thus work harder than ordinary vehicles. However, they consume a large amount of fuel and increase CO2 emissions. With this in mind, the electrification of off-highway vehicles is the best approach to protecting the climate and saving costs while still pushing forward with the modernization of cities. Webasto seeks to make this possible in partnership with you.


Camping is Webasto’s passion – just as it is yours. Your motorhome or caravan gives you the unique possibility to discover the world and feel comfortable – just as you were at home! Enjoy your holidays with Webasto.


Webasto has the right heating solution for your motorhome or caravan. Because the best adventure tours start and end in a warm and cosy base camp, the company is the market leader when it comes to diesel heating for all kinds of vehicles. Quality, reliability and performance based on sophisticated testing standards have always been Webasto’s top priority. This has enabled the company to adapt the heaters perfectly to suit your motorhome needs and to provide sophisticated solutions.

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To ensure that you enjoy the journey, Webasto has developed the BlueCool Drive 40 air-conditioning system. The kit is integrated into the cooling circuit of the vehicle’s own air-conditioning system, which creates a total cooling circuit. So, in a flash, you’ve expanded your existing air-conditioner.

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