MOLABO: Dedicated to developing electric drives for the e-mobility revolution.

MOLABO stands for touch-safe low-voltage electric solutions. With touch-proof voltages at 48 V, electric mobility will be rethought worldwide. Enjoy the untroubled nature and rapid acceleration of the world’s most powerful 48 V drive in your electric boat. Thanks to the innovative stator cage technology, the ARIES 50 by MOLABO is extremely robust and will always reliably take you to your destination. The extra-low voltage keeps your drive system absolutely safe in any situation, and virtually everybody can flexibly maintain it.

The perfect propulsion solution for recreational boats and work boats up to 8m (26 ft) as a single installation, also available for larger boats as a twin installation.

Fast planing motorboats

Up to 12 m

Displacement drive with sailboats

Up to 15 m or 12 t

The Technology

MOLABO’s 48 Volt concept differs in many aspects from conventional electric drives. So far, all high-power electric drive systems need a very high battery voltage of up to 800 V to develop the performance needed for electric vehicles. With our innovation ARIES 50, high performance can now be achieved for the first time at safe-to-touch voltages of 48 Volt.


The technology is based on a new design of the electric motor: instead of complicated windings, solid bars are used, which form a cage. This setup makes it possible to produce very large quantities of the motor in a simpler and cheaper way than wound electric motors. Due to the stator cage design, ARIES 50 is also more robust and fail-safe than conventional electric drives since operation is still possible even if one or more phases fail.

A low-voltage system has many advantages because contact is possible without risk. Contact with a high-voltage system, on the other hand, can be life-threatening if appropriate safety precautions are not taken. This also entails risks in the event of an accident if rescue teams cannot approach the electric vehicle without risk. Low-voltage systems can be integrated and maintained without special high-voltage training. ARIES 50 thus stands for much simpler and more robust electric drives. This safe and easy-to-use technology enables large-scale electric mobility even in emerging markets with lower technical standards.


Molabo 50 Kw Electric Outboard Aries R50 Product 02

ARIES i50 electric inboard boat motor system

The MOLABO electric inboard is a shaft unit with the world’s most powerful 48 V electric motor as a system solution. The MOLABO inboard system offers a silent, low-vibration propulsion solution that is easy to install thanks to the touch-safe 48 V low-voltage technology.

The ARIES i50 electric boat motor delivers impressive performance with a continuous output of 50 kW. With a measured top speed of 24.5 kn (45.4 km/h) and acceleration to 11 kn in just 1.7 seconds, the ARIES i50 electric drive offers you an impressive driving experience. Maximum acceleration from the very first moment.


Molabo 50 Kw Electric Outboard Aries R50 Product 02

Aries R50 outboard system

The ARIES R50 outboard is the centrepiece of a safe and sophisticated system solution. The Plug & Play system with the pre-wired MOLAConnect box is designed for quick, seam­less integration and can be easily installed in a variety of boats to save space.
The ARIES R50 has been manufactured with precision engineering and state-of-the-art technology. Boaters can now enjoy the perfect balance of performance, safety and environmental friendliness.

Available in 2 shaft lengths: L and XL
Available in 2 colours: White and Black

For recreational and workboats up to 8 m (26 ft) as single installation or for larger boats as twin installation

Maximum efficiency and range through 48 V low-voltage technology and direct power transmission. Advantages include: Modular set up: Battery capacities: 36 kWh, 48 kWh or 60 kWh | Plug & Play: System components are matched to each other | High efficiency: Drive efficiency 95 % (motor 97 %, inverter 98 %) due to efficient low-voltage components | Modern & slim design


Aries 50 System

Besides the ARIES 50 with its integrated controller, MOLABO offers additional components that make the conversion or installation of ARIES 50 as simple as possible. With the flexibly configurable system solution, customers receive everything they need for the efficient and reliable propulsion of their electric boat from a single source.

The battery bank is preconfigured, preconditioned and ready to use. There are three different battery capacities that can be selected. MOLABO offers worldwide service and a two-year warranty on all components


Various Applications

ARIES 50 is suitable for a wide range of applications. Without a gearbox, the inboard-drive has 4350 rpm, similar to a combustion engine. When converting a boat from combustion to electric, the existing engine can easily be replaced by the ARIES 50 without any major modifications. However, lower speeds can also be simply represented in combination with a gearbox. Including the gearbox, the inboard-drive measures only 231 mm in length and 254 mm in diameter, making it very compact.

Range & Speed Info

Range ARIES 50 electric drive with 36 kWh LFP battery bank (6 x 6 kWh modules)*

Speed in knots (km/h) Running Time in hh:mm Range in nm (km)
Eco 6 (11.1) 07:15 up to 43.5 (80.6)
Cruise 13.5 (25) 01:20 up to 18 (33.5)
Full Speed
24.5 (45.4) 00:30 up to 12.6 (23.4)

* Measured with a motorboat, length 7.10 m, weight approx. 1,150 kg. Data depends on boat model, load, propeller and local conditions. All speed and range data are given without guarantee.

Range ARIES 50 electric drive with 48 kWh LFP battery bank (8 x 6 kWh modules)*

Speed in knots (km/h) Running Time in hh:mm Range in nm (km)
Eco 5.8 (10.7) 09:40 up to 55.9 (103.6)
Cruise 13.1 (24.2) 01:47 up to 23.3 (43.2)
Full Speed
23.7 (43.8) 00:41 up to 16.2 (30.1)

* Measured with a motorboat, length 7.10 m, weight approx. 1,244 kg. Data depends on boat model, load, propeller and local conditions. All speed and range data are given without guarantee.

Range ARIES 50 electric drive with 60 kWh LFP battery bank (10 x 6 kWh modules)*

Speed in knots (km/h) Running Time in hh:mm Range in nm (km)
Eco 5.6 (10.3) 12:06 up to 67.3 (124.6)
Cruise 12.6 (23.4) 2:13 up to 28.2 (52.2)
Full Speed
22.7 (42.1) 00:51 up to 19.5 (36.1)

* Measured on a motorboat, length 7.10 m, weight approx. 1,344 kg. Data depends on boat model, load, propeller and local conditions. All speed and range data are given without guarantee.

Broad Range of Ancilliary Power Devices

By storing power at 48 volts, you can use industry-standard power electronics such as WhisperPower inverters, chargers, multi’s, and quattro’s. MOLABO can also offer LFP systems at 48 volts. 12 volt and 24 volt equipment can be operated directly from DC-DC converters. Yachts with higher domestic power requirements can have their AC power supplied by a 48-volt inverter and use a DC-DC charger to support a 24-volt ‘buffer’ battery for lighting, electronics, thrusters, winches, and more.

Whisper Molabo

System solutions for a wide range of applications





The Benefits

Easy integration and maintenance

Integration and maintenance is possible without special high-voltage safety measures.


The weight is low: the robust motor including controller weighs only 44 kg.


Low operating costs and long driving pleasure thanks to Molabo’s outstanding system efficiency of > 95 %. The low-voltage components use the energy of the batteries extremely efficiently.

Fast Charging

Choice of one 3 kW charger or up to three chargers connected in parallel for fast charging times. You can choose from three different battery capacities: 36, 48 or 60 kWh.

Plug & Play

Simple and fast installation of the system, which is preconfigured & precondi­tioned. Everything comes from a single source. It offers high compati­bility due to state-of-the-art communication protocols.

Why Molabo?

  • Easy integration and maintenance
  • Space saving installation
  • Lightweight
  • Efficiency
  • Plug & Play
  • Fast installation
  • Modular battery capacity
  • Fast charging

Molabo’s mission is to provide safe-to-touch low-voltage e-solutions to enable sustainable mobility worldwide.


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