At the end of May, Southern Power hosted an inspiring cocktail evening at the prestigious Royal Cape Yacht Club. It was an exciting event featuring a captivating presentation on electric engines by none other than Ferdinand Lindmayer, the International Sales Manager for Torqeedo.

In introducing Ferdinand, Southern Power General Manager, Roisin Povall, said ““These are exciting times in the marine industry with the consistent drive towards cleaner fuel and electric propulsion. We have walked a road with Torqeedo and thus far the demand has mostly come from recreation. We are now seeing a growing demand for electric engines in all sectors of the market. There are huge opportunities in the leisure and commercial markets, and we are excited to have Ferdinand Lindmayer here to take you through Torqeedo as a solution for you.”

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Attendees were thrilled to learn about the latest innovations in electric propulsion from Torqeedo, a leader in sustainable marine technology. Ferdinand highlighted cutting-edge products such as the Travel Cruise series, showcasing their unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and eco-friendliness. The  new Cruise 3.0 FP outboard can easily motorise boats up to 28ft on rivers and dam or for coastal sailing.

On the commercial side, Torqeedo showed its extensive capabilities across various applications and use cases: river cruises, ferries and water taxis; workboats; rescue/life-saving enterprises, and to power vessels around remote locations such as island resorts or oil rigs.

The key takeaway from guests was that they were able to experience how much Torqeedo focuses on quality and customer satisfaction, and gained greater insight on the breadth and capabilities of Torqeedo’s solutions across leisure boating and commercial applications.

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Some global stats on Torqeedo:

Global #1 in marine electric mobility
Almost 200 000 electric propulsion systems in the field
Only company that has converted substantial market shares from combustion engines to electric mobility
Best product performance, latest technologies, largest patent portfolio
Power classes from 0.5 kW to 200 kW on system level
Headquartered in Wessling, Germany

As a proud distributor of Torqeedo products in southern Africa, Southern Power is committed to bringing advanced, sustainable solutions to the regional marine industry. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your recreational vessel for the electric era or are seeking expert advice on electric propulsion for commercial applications, Southern Power is ready to assist. Find out more about our innovative Torqeedo range here: