Southern Power’s year started off with a bang with the delivery of two shipsets of Triple D13 1000 HP engines coupled to Doen DJ240 waterjets from Doen Waterjets. This tried-and-tested combination and INCAT Crowler design propels these two new 22m Fast Crew Surfer boats to speeds of up to 32 knots, with a cruising speed of 25 Knots and an impressive range of over 250 Nautical miles.

The 22m Fast Crew Boat is a modern high-speed vessel with a semi-planing aluminium monohull and designed by Incat Crowther. Classed with Bureau Veritas, the layout is optimised particularly for coastal service in the oil & gas fields. The primary vessel function is Crew Transfer.

Three Volvo Penta inboard marine-rated diesel engines and Doen DJ240 waterjets provide impressive high-speed manoeuvrability and shallow draft. The transom shape is designed to completely protect the sterngear. Electrical services – including air conditioning in all accommodation spaces – are powered by two Volvo Penta D5 marine-rated diesel generator sets, in duty-standby arrangement.

The flexible rubber fenders at the bow, sides and stern, together with the “Total Spec” (GS EP STR 901)-compliant surfer bow and large forward cargo deck (30 m2) for basket lift or light cargo transfer (3.0 T), make this the ideal vessel for shore-to-ship personnel transfer.

The raised wheelhouse provides all-round view at the helm station and includes one pilot seat and one crew seat. CCTV cameras in key areas of the high-speed vessel, record live for the helmsman, and store footage for multi-day periods. Reclining upholstered passenger seats for 30 transfer personnel, air conditioning, infotainment and a drinking fountain offer a comfortable transit. Also included are two passenger bathrooms, luggage racks and a medivac stretcher area.

Below deck, living accommodation for four crew includes two single-berth cabins, one two-birth cabin, one crew sanitary space, a pantry/galley, a mess/saloon area.

The ballistic protection NIJ Level III is fitted around the wheelhouse and passenger area, including bullet proof windows. An external FiFi pump and remote-controlled monitor (600 m3/hr) are fitted for ship-to-ship fire-fighting support.

Southern Power is extremely proud to be associated with these particular builds and are supplying a variety of other critical components for these vessels that include but are not limited to:

  • Humphree,
  • Automatic Trim Control,
  • Fitted to the transom,
  • Providing optimum lift to improve hull trim angle,
  • Efficient operation,
  • Speed improvement up to as much as 5%,
  • Webasto P72T-S-230V Tropical Chiller,
  • 72 000 BTU/h,
  • Seawater pump WB3000G Bronze (Or Equal) chilled water pump WB3500 Magnetic Drive,
  • Various Webasto Air Handlers ranging from 6 000 BTU/h to 24 000 BTU/h, and
  • Sonihull Duo Ultrasonic Antifouling systems.



Once again Southern Power is providing many of the helm to stern solutions for the latest range of commercial vessels to be built in South Africa.  Contact us for all your DOEN waterjet needs