Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo Europe, the world’s leading exhibition and conference for marine electrification, decarbonisation, hybridisation, future fuels and low-carbon shipping solutions, recently took place in Amsterdam. On display were the latest advances in electric and hybrid marine transportation and propulsion technologies from more than 200 exhibitors, on which 100 expert speakers shared their knowledge. Attending the event were marine industry professionals, shipbuilders, system integrators and representatives from ferry operators and port authorities.

Jacques Brümmer, Southern Power’s CEO, attended the expo to explore new offerings in the market and to identify turnkey electric and hybrid solutions suitable for Southern Power’s market and territory. The event provided an opportunity to gauge the latest trends and technologies in the marine sector, with a prevailing emphasis on reducing emissions and achieving decarbonisation goals.

The expo featured various innovative solutions including LTO battery chemistry; the use of green ammonia as a fuel; shore charging infrastructure; energy-efficient propulsion systems, and digital tools for vessel optimisation. These advancements align with the growing momentum behind the decarbonisation of the marine sector and Southern Power’s vision of introducing environmental solutions and pioneering technologies in its territory.

Many industry professionals expressed optimism about the prospects of green shipping and emphasised the importance of sustainable goals and technical advancements.

Christian Andersson from ForSea Ferries highlighted the bright future of green shipping, while Louis de Wolff of CalMac Ferries discussed the expo’s role in gathering together individuals who are working towards achieving net-zero emissions.

Michelle McRae of CSL Group Inc expressed enthusiasm for the rapid evolution of cutting-edge technologies and the scaling up of electrification. Jeremy Mazzilli from Amogy showcased their proprietary ammonia-to-power systems, which received multiple pre-orders for future deliveries. He also presented their pure electric systems, adaptable to all marine drives. Mike Anderson from EVOA-E1 outlined the significance of their electric propulsion system for boats of various sizes. Van Meer presented a modular electrical energy storage system featuring LTO chemistry, offering flexibility for marine and offshore applications. PowerCell Group exhibited a hydrogen fuel cell solution for immediate decarbonisation impact, with successful tests conducted on a 200kW system for inland push boats. Tesvolt displayed its EOH series battery storage system, featuring the latest-generation lithium-ion cells from Lithtech.

All present collectively highlighted the industry’s positive trajectory towards green shipping and the great potential of electrification and alternative fuels, such as ammonia. The expo served as a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and showcasing innovative technologies contributing to the marine sector’s decarbonisation.

The conference held alongside the exhibition featured expert speakers from various organizations, discussing topics such as establishing zero-emissions shipping corridors and developing charging solutions for electric vessels. One presentation highlighted the Green Corridor at Short Straits project, aimed at determining viable energy pathways for marine vessels and landside operations. Another presentation, by Damen Shipyards, explored a new approach to shoreside power, proposing the use of charging microgrids to support the high charging power demand of electric vessels.

Overall, the event highlighted the significant progress being made in the marine sector toward decarbonisation and the adoption of electric and hybrid solutions. With growing interest and investment in sustainable shipping, it provided industry professionals with valuable insights and opportunities to explore new technologies and partnerships.

Sharing in this optimism, Southern Power emerged as a driving force in bringing these innovations to southern Africa. With a clear mission to reduce environmental impact and a vision to lead in pioneering technologies, Southern Power aims to create sustainable outcomes for all stakeholders involved. The expo served as a catalyst for knowledge exchange and networking, further propelling the marine sector’s journey towards a greener future. Around the world, forward-thinking companies like Southern Power are paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future in the marine industry.