Following the maturation of available technology, Nautic is now able to provide a hybrid propulsion proposal to clients wishing to take advantage of the benefits of operating with hybrid power.

Hybrid systems, although requiring a slightly higher initial outlay, are able to deliver about a 22,5% reduction in lifetime fuel cost as well as a resultant significant decrease in emissions.

There are many different hybrid options available, each best suited to a slightly different operating profile and customer requirement.  The simplest of these is the dual-input gearbox from a well-established supplier such as ZF or Twin Disc, where there is a Power Take In (PTI) for an electric motor or auxiliary diesel engine.

The option of combining a diesel and an electric motor makes sense where the use of both a electric motor and an additional genset could provide continuous operation to a workboat application and enable a vessel to operate using either the diesel or electric power options.

Using the electric option, will allow the main engines to be shut down resulting in reduced fuel use, noise, wear and maintenance, lifecycle costs as well as downtime.

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