We recently sat down for an interview with a marine boat builder, Andy Roper from Andy Roper Marine, has been servicing the marine industry for the past 70 years. We asked him about his perspective on OXE’s diesel engines and the benefits he believes these engines hold for the commercial fishing industry.Q: Who is the OXE engine best suited for?Andy: In my opinion, OXE’s engines are the ideal choice for a vessel that is used daily, such as barge boats or ferries operated for tourism throughout the year, regardless of the weather. Although OXE’s diesel engines are priced higher than most of its competitors, these types of engines will already be showing you massive savings within the first year due to the OXE’s significantly lower fuel consumption, in comparison to outboards built for the leisure market, and its great fuel economy. As customers can also claim back diesel rebates, they will see even further savings with an OXE diesel engine. It is therefore important that boat owners are made aware of the diesel rebate option.Q: Why would you recommend an OXE Diesel engine to a commercial fishing boat owner? 

Andy: For most fishing boat owners, being operational is crucial for their income, and therefore reliability is a key factor to consider when choosing an engine. Due to the durability and longer lifespan of the OXE Diesel engines, the boat owner will be able to ensure that their boat is always operational. Unfortunately, the reliability of OXE’s engines is yet to be witnessed by many fishermen as they tend to stick to purchasing brands they are familiar with such as Yamaha and Suzuki. The high-power output of the OXE Diesel engine series is also a plus, as it is vital for most fishermen to arrive back at land first, to ensure they receive the highest price per fish. Coming in last could mean a lower price per fish due to a surplus.Q: Have you noticed an uptake in owners requesting environmentally friendly vessels?Andy: Not at all, as many fishermen would not necessarily be considered environmentally conscious.Q: From your perspective, as a boat builder, what do you think makes OXE’s engines unique?Andy: The fact that these are diesel motors and outboard engines are important selling points. The two outboard engines also provide an additional safety factor and take up less space on the boat than most inboard engines that are much bigger. With the engines located on the outside of the boat, the installation and repair of outboard engines is easier as the engines are easy to reach. Installing an outboard engine can take up to one day compared to the 4-5 days required to install an inboard engine. Lastly, but not least, the more expensive petrol becomes, the better a diesel engine option will be. Currently, I think it is most beneficial for the commercial market which can claim a diesel rebate; something which the leisure market is unable to do.

The Oxe diesel is the only outboard engine built particularly with commercial users in mind. It is designed for those who use their boat every day, no matter the conditions, and have to rely on their engine for countless hours every year.

Q: How has your service experience with Southern Power been over the years?Andy: The team at Southern Power has always been super professional and helpful. Although I haven’t bought an engine from them recently, I hope to do so again soon.Contact the Southern Power team for assistance with choosing the right OXE diesel engine for your vessel.Andy Roper MarineEstablished by Andy’s father, Andy Roper Marine has been servicing the marine industry for the past 70 years. Based in Cape Town, they offer on-site boat repairs and alterations, foam filling for buoyancy certificates, construction of Capecraft ski boats, engine sales & installations, outboard engine servicing, and repairs.To find out more about Andy Roper Marine’s services please contact Andy at andyropermarine@gmail.com.For assistance from our Southern Power team with choosing the right OXE diesel engine for your vessel, contact us at sales@southernpower.co.za or call 021 511 0653.