With the festive season holidays on their way, you, too, can rule the waves. In the realm of boating, Volvo Penta and Southern Power are orchestrating a symphony of ease and enjoyment. Together, they are redefining boating as an experience that not only exhilarates but effortlessly alleviates stress.

Embark on a journey of unparalleled water sports mastery with Volvo Penta’s cutting-edge Water Sport Control system. As an authorized service dealer, we offer the ultimate customization for your boat setup, whether it’s wake surfing, wakeboarding, or waterskiing. With intuitive touchscreen control, our system, designed for Forward Drive engines, empowers you to effortlessly personalize speed, trim, and individual settings, ensuring the creation of the perfect wake. Elevate your aquatic adventures with precision and control, setting a new standard for your water sports experience.

Volvo Penta’s innovative interceptor technology ensures smooth trim adjustments that effortlessly manage boat dynamics. This, combined with a commitment to integrated, innovative, and fuel-efficient solutions, sets the stage for a smarter way to embrace Easy Boating.

Beyond mere control, Volvo Penta’s Easy Boating features redefine boating dynamics. Automated trim adjustments eliminate the need for manual intervention, simplifying the entire experience.

In driving and controls, Volvo Penta empowers boaters to stay in complete command. Specially developed accessories seamlessly integrate with engines and drive systems, enhancing safety, manoeuvrability, and overall comfort.

The Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) system epitomizes Volvo Penta’s holistic approach. From engines to propellers, everything is seamlessly controlled and monitored. The EVC system enables route plotting, Autopilot activation through the joystick control, and a guided journey – all with ease and intuition.

Docking, once a puzzle of complicated shifts, throttles, and steering wheel combinations, becomes a stress-free action with Volvo Penta Fully Integrated Assisted Docking System. A groundbreaking marine automation technology compensating for external factors, making boat docking safer, even in crowded marinas – intricate manoeuvres are simplified into smooth actions.

Outstanding manoeuvrability is further exemplified by the Joystick control, which offers precision with functions like Joystick Driving and Joystick Docking. Backwards, sideways, or at full speed, the Joystick ensures a seamless experience, even in challenging conditions.

The Glass Cockpit System puts everything at the boater’s fingertips. Responsive and customizable, it integrates engine and navigation data, offering a harmonized boating experience through Volvo Penta’s Easy Connect App.

Volvo Penta’s e-key fob introduces remote power, providing control from afar. Whether switching power on or off, controlling lighting, heating, or media equipment, the e-key simplifies and enhances the boating experience.

The commitment to ease extends to Active Corrosion Protection for Sterndrives, ensuring constant protection against corrosion. Volvo Penta’s dedication to maintaining a reliable drive underscores its commitment to easy boat ownership.

With unmatched performance and efficiency rooted in a century of experience, Volvo Penta, part of the Volvo Group, ensures quieter, more efficient, and more reliable propulsion systems. This pursuit of excellence maximizes every drop of fuel for an extended boating experience.

For boaters seeking genuine support, Southern Power, one of the Volvo Penta Southern Africa Marine Sales and Support Centers, provides comprehensive assistance for genuine spare parts and servicing of all Volvo Penta engines and accessories. Together, Volvo Penta and Southern Power promise not just a journey but an effortless and joyous adventure on the waves.