With South Africa experiencing soaring temperatures as early as September this year, there is no doubt we are in for a scorching summer from coast to coast.  

At Southern Power, our vision is to be a leader in delivering pioneering technologies for marine propulsion, electricity generation and heating/cooling that also contribute to reducing environmental impact, in our chosen market segment of Southern Africa.

With this in mind, and summer upon us, here are a few innovative cooling solutions for you from our various OEMs, for various applications.

Boat engines


If you’re a boat owner, protect your boat’s engines against the heat and saltwater with Volvo Penta coolants – tailor-made for your engine to prevent freezing in winter and overheating in summer, while providing maximum component protection for both older and newer engines.

Marine coolants like these are much less harmful to the environment than auto antifreeze, as they use propylene glycol and not ethylene glycol, which is extremely toxic to the environment. 

The benefits for your engines: optimal antifreeze protection and thermal transfer capacity; high boiling point to prevent overheating; maximum protection against corrosion, cavitation,ageing, swelling and cracking; powerful additives to prolong engine life; no deposits in the cooling system; convenient two-year change interval.

Find out which Volvo Penta coolant will best suit your engines, here.

Still on engine protection, it’s important to ensure your greywater system is addressed. FCI watermakers’ system design optimises the flow of water, while industrial-quality materials employed throughout the reverse osmosis system ensure robust operations. For boat passengers, an FCI watermaker will ensure that no one goes thirsty on those sun-baked days out on the sea. Click here to find out more about the FCI Watermakers products we distribute. 

Product-Hero-MaxQ-DP product-hero-atlas-apc-dts-double-passProduct-Hero-Titan


Land vehicle interiors

Our OEM Webasto offers a variety of plug and play air-cooling solutions for a wide variety of purposes, from truck and motorhome air top units, to self contained marine air con solutions and sunroofs for boats of all sizes.

On land, their range of air conditioning solutions for truck fleets are designed for efficiency. Special systems charge the cold accumulators whenever the vehicle is moving, and these cold temperatures are then emitted when the vehicle is parked. The compressor systems are highly efficient and provide a comfortable, dehumidified climate.


Southern Power also distributes a unique plug-n-play air-conditioning roof assembly, the RTE16. It’s perfect for cooling campervans, caravans, truck cabins and special vehicles. It can be supplied with a power supply of 230V a.c. 50Hz.

webasto_municipal_vehicles_header_low_res_1920x600The RTE16 roof assembly includes a condenser, evaporator, hermetic compressor and fans, while an air diffuser is installed in the interior against the ceiling of the vehicle. The RTEH16 configuration also incorporates heating, thanks to a heat pump system. See the full product specs, here

Whether you want to control the interior of trucks, buses or special vehicles Webasto has an intelligent solution. Find out more, here.


Marine vessel interiors

Moving back onto the water, where the harsh summer sun reflecting off the ocean’s surface can make boat cabins unbearably hot, ensure that yours stay nice and cool with one of Webasto’s self-contained air-conditioning or chiller systems.

BlueComfort-Premium__gallery__1 marine_cooling_bluecool-s-product__teaser

Southern Power can equip you with Webasto systems providing cooling capacities from        5 000 BTU/h up to 1 500 000 BTU/h, depending on your specific needs. You can equip each cabin on your boat with its own super-quiet adjustable cooling unit.

Click here to find out about Webasto’s range of innovative cooling solutions for life on the water.

There’s no time to waste

This just in from the South African Weather Service: “The El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is currently in an El Niño state and according to the latest predictions is expected to persist through most of the summer months. ENSO’s typical impact on Southern Africa is in favour for generally drier and warmer conditions during the summer seasons from October to March.”

With our temperatures already reaching the kind of levels we usually only see by December, our stock of cooling solutions will move fast – you should too.

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