The marine propulsion engine is the heart of any boat or vessel. It is therefore crucial that you choose the right engine and installation service partner that will give you the peace of mind and reliability that you deserve.

With the help of our qualified and knowledgeable team at Southern Power, this process can be seamless.

Step 1: Choosing a Repower Option

Careful consideration needs to be made when choosing your repower option. Understanding your application and business is critical when making the right engine selection, to ensure the continuous performance of your vessel.

Here are a few considerations when making your choice:

  • Are you looking for a like for like engine replacement or are there areas of improvement you would want from a new engine?
  • Do you want better fuel consumption?
  • Is the current engine the right size for the specific requirements?
  • Are you looking for enhanced features, such as improved intuitive controls, that would improve the boat’s operations?
  • Would you consider changing from a mechanical to an electronically controlled engine?
  • Are you interested in increasing performance, and can the boat design cope with additional HP?
  • Can the current hull and engine bed be adapted to accommodate a different engine footprint?
  • Is the engine bed or transom in a good state to allow for a successful engine repower?
  • Have you factored in the aforementioned cost and time?
  • Is the fuel quality available suitable for new common rail fuel systems often found on new engine model availability?
  • Is the engine choice well supported in your region with service and parts availability?

With our extensive range of Volvo Penta engine repowering options, finding the best engine for your specific needs has never been more convenient. Not only do you get the benefits of the tried and tested Volvo Penta range of engines, but it offers opportunities to customize your vessel with additional options and features to improve convenience, efficiency, and onboard comfort. Our options will allow you to benefit from better acceleration, higher cruising speeds, lower fuel consumption, and improved onboard comfort with quieter operations and lower vibration levels. Not to mention greatly improved emissions levels!

Find out more about our Volvo Penta engine repowering options by visiting or contact our team today at for professional support.

Step 2: Choose The Right Partner For Your Repower

Choosing a suitable partner for your repower is as important as choosing the right marine engine. By working with one of Southern Power’s authorised Volvo Penta service dealers, you can rest assured that you are working with a partner that has the right competence, detailed and continuously updated installation knowledge, and special tools for propeller and full Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO) calculations to assist in operational budget proposals.

Volvo Penta has developed repowering kits to ensure safe, easy, and cost-effective replacement. Every kit is made to match, has been thoroughly tested, and will cause minimal impact to your existing engine bed. All parts and components are included along with complete installation instructions and a Volvo Penta service network to assist you through the entire repowering process. Kits are available for D1/2 and D3 inboard and sail drive configurations.

Volvo Penta’s commercial repowering offerings improve the vessel’s operational performance on a number of fronts; especially considerable cuts in fuel costs whilst also lowering emissions. Other improvements such as MCC (Marine Commercial Control) allow for easy integration into existing ship control systems or the sophisticated Electronic Vessel Control System (EVC). MCC monitoring and open CAN solutions are also available for Genset engines.

Increase your enjoyment and productivity by choosing the right engine and configuration, whether it be for a leisure vessel or commercial craft, so ask the experts to assist in configuring your next engine repower by contacting our team at