Southern Power is excited to announce we have signed a sub-distributor agreement – with Africa Strong Boat for South Sudan and Kenya – for the distribution of OXE Marine and Oxe Diesel

Africa Strong Boat’s vision aligns strongly aligns with Southern Power’s – environmentally friendly, tailor-made boats and educative solutions to transform communities as well as the use of Africa’s inland waterways.

Africa Strong Boats and the River Transport Academy work collaboratively to simultaneously build the commercial maritime industry while offering a variety of learning experiences to engage IWT stakeholders.

Africa Strongboats Strategic Focus Areas:

​Stimulating fleet modernisation and innovation by researching and designing innovative, environmentally friendly vessels and relevant equipment

Mobilising and training a new workforce by increasing investment in human capital.

Promoting environmentally friendly Inland Water Transport (IWT) through intentional design across development sectors.

Providing IWT infrastructure leadership and consultation for both the waterways and the laws that govern them.

Find out more about Africa Strong Boat here:

Below are a few images of our OXE training with  Africa Strongboats:

oxe9 africa


With our Southern Power team of experts providing 24/7 OEM support in all major cities in South Africa, and now in various cities across Africa too. You can now have peace of mind, wherever you are.