At Southern Power, we are committed to delivering pioneering technologies that hold the promise of lowering their environmental impact while increasing our customers’ efficiency and productivity. Our aim is to create more sustainable outcomes for our customers, employees, dealers, suppliers and the communities we serve.  We are proud to be partnering with brands such as Volvo Penta, Torqeedo, OXE Marine and Whisper Power, who share our vision and commitment.

Leading the way in the design and production of environmentally conscious marine vessels is Xtreme Ocean, who recently debuted their inaugural model, the X068. This semi-custom 68ft aluminium explorer sailing catamaran is specifically designed to be recycled at the end of its life. This tough cruising catamaran provides greener solutions to various areas that are considered environmental issues, reducing the environmental impact of the yacht through its lifecycle.

According to Keith Davies, CEO of Xtreme Ocean, one of the growing environmental issues currently discussed in the boating industry, is end of life boats. Fibreglass is the most popular material for boats as it is affordable and can be mass produced. However with the increase in fibreglass boats reaching their lifespan of 30-50 years and landfill being the default disposal method, a global population issue is developing. The disposal of fibreglass boats into landfill presents an array of environmentally damaging issues and is an unsustainable option for the future. These boats also decay slowly and introduces micro plastics into the water. Xtreme Ocean’s XO68 addresses this issue by using alternative materials to fibreglass, such as aluminium, that are infinitely recyclable. Recycled materials are also used where possible, even in the interior.

In order to limit the XO68’s impact on natural resources, the catamaran was created to rely largely on sustainable energy sources such as lightweight Solbian solar panels, as well as a hybrid drive solution that includes two powerful Torqeedo Deep Blue DB100i 100kW motors, two efficient Torqeedo 3-phase 25kW generators and four Deep Blue 40kWh BMW i3 type batteries. Although greener propulsion solutions offer cheaper lifetime cost, Keith notes that their higher upfront costs can deter most private customers from choosing more sustainable solutions. He is however hopeful, as there seems to be an uptake in more green propulsion technologies in offshore commercial markets and sailing boat designs.

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When asked whether they are experiencing an uptake in commissioning of greener yachts, Keith explains that although they are seeing promising uptake, there has been no drastic difference yet. He is hopeful though that the industry will be seeing a lot more recyclable composites over the next five years, but changes need to be made to ensure that the inner workings of the industry are not holding it back from adapting. The current continuous drive towards greener innovation by many suppliers, such as Volvo Penta and Torqeedo, is creating a take-up in the market that is promising.


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