On 26 May 2022, Southern Power hosted a highly anticipated demo of the new OXE Marine 300HP diesel outboard engine, at the V & A Waterfront’s Oceana Powerboat Club in Cape Town.

Marine industry stakeholders came to see the renowned performance, endurance and reliability of the OXE 300 first-hand. This engine is a game changer in terms of both power and environmental sustainability. 

Before the seaborne action, there were snacks and drinks at the Oceana Power Boat Club, followed by a short address from Southern Power Business Strategist, Jacques Brümmer; who described how Southern Power has been deploying the OXE 300 widely, from maritime police to ferries in Ivory Coast, and oil and gas operations in Angola and Nigeria. He said that Southern Power took on board feedback about the OXE engines from its customers, which it then relayed back to OXE in Sweden, whose team is open to input on continuous improvement, OXE being a relatively new industry player. 

After Jacques’ address it was time to hit the water under cloudy, but fortunately not rainy, skies. Southern Power had refitted, refurbished and branded the demo vessel two weeks before the big day, to ensure it would perform in excellent condition. 

And perform it did, with OXE specialists André Waldmann and Ola Dexe from Sweden on hand to assist and oversee the demos. The demo boat did several trips around Granger Bay, with a limit of six aboard at a time. For guests who did not manage to take part in the demos, individual demos were arranged during the following two weeks.


Among the 30 – 40 guests there for the event were representatives of the S.A. Navy, French oil logistics company Peschaud, Paramount Group, several naval architects and representatives from many of South Africa’s leading boat builders. Also there were Derek Levy (CEO) and Stuart McVitty (Board Member), from the South African Boatbuilders Export Council (SABBEX). Meanwhile, Editor Colleen Jacka covered the event for Maritime Review Africa. Here’s what some of guests had to say about the event and its start, the OXE 300:

“Awesome diesel outboard – quiet, powerful, fast, smokeless, economical … BMW engine twin-turbos. A winner.” Derek Levy,  Boating World

I was so impressed with how quiet this outboard is, even at full chat! Not to mention the fuel economy, safe diesel fuel and ease of maintenance with extended service intervals.” Stuart McVitty, SABBEX

“Quiet, reliable and very impressive.” Carel van der Merwe, Carel van der Merwe Racing

Good presentation and enjoyable day.” Clive Weinand, Southern Marine

“Loved the engine – no smoke and very quiet. Excellent presentation and enjoyable day.” Chantel Swart, Southern Marine

“Low noise levels and great performance. Suitable for naval operations.” Solly Naidoo, S.A. Navy 

“Awesome machine diesel outboard quiet powerful fast smokeless economical BMW engine 2 turbos a winner.” Derrik Levy, SABBEX

“Big engine, lots of torque and excellent fuel consumption.” Kevin Knight, Novalux Yacht

“Enjoyable presentation, good torque and performance.” Jacques de Klerk, S. A. Navy 

Southern Power would like to thank the Oceana Power Boat Club for the beautiful location; Dish Food & Social for the first-class catering and everyone at Southern Power who worked so hard work to pull off a great event, in a short turnaround time.

Note: Keep a lookout for news about an upcoming demo of the OXE Marine 300HP in Knysna! 

About the OXE 300HP

The OXE 300 is a twin-turbo configuration that already provides its full 680 Nm of torque at the crankshaft at 1750rpm. At 1000rpm, it provides over 500Nm at the crankshaft. These are torque numbers previously unheard of in the outboard industry, providing end users with massive bollard pulling power. The power, speed and reliability of the OXE 300 makes it the ideal choice for coast guard, sea rescue and other oceangoing vessels that see sustained use and long range.

The rest of the OXE line ranges from 125HP to 200HP.  OXE’s combination of a modern automotive diesel engine with the OXE Marine patented belt transmission provides OXE engines with unique levels of durability and increased range, optimised to significantly reduce life-cycle costs.

Meanwhile, these engines reduce fuel consumption by over 42% compared to modern gasoline outboard engines of equivalent horsepower. The result is 60% better fuel economy than you’d get from a petrol outboard – as well as minimised impact on the environment, reducing not only CO2 but also CO, HC, and NOx emissions. Find out more and Technical Specifications here.